Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Recently, I tried to figure out the best method to motive kindergarten students to follow directions. There were numerous ideas I came up with. Of coarse, I tried to reward students with snacks and addittional recess. This strategy wasn't as successful as I hoped it would. These kids are very young (ages 4 and 5), therefore every aspect of school,especially rules and teacher expectations, takes a while for them to understand the importance of them. The beginning of the school year is the most difficult, because students are transitioning from summer (no school) less rules and restrictions into the fall (numerous rules/and expectations). The best way I found to reward students for good choices is to give them small prizes (pencils, erasers, inexpensive toys) out of a tresure chest. The reward I found that helped me the most was giving stickers out to anyone who followed my directions. I was amazed at how effective this strategy worked. I never knew the "true" power of stickers!


Inky said...

The post is a change for your blog......and its very practical, interesting and most of all sweet!

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