Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Recently, I tried to figure out the best method to motive kindergarten students to follow directions. There were numerous ideas I came up with. Of coarse, I tried to reward students with snacks and addittional recess. This strategy wasn't as successful as I hoped it would. These kids are very young (ages 4 and 5), therefore every aspect of school,especially rules and teacher expectations, takes a while for them to understand the importance of them. The beginning of the school year is the most difficult, because students are transitioning from summer (no school) less rules and restrictions into the fall (numerous rules/and expectations). The best way I found to reward students for good choices is to give them small prizes (pencils, erasers, inexpensive toys) out of a tresure chest. The reward I found that helped me the most was giving stickers out to anyone who followed my directions. I was amazed at how effective this strategy worked. I never knew the "true" power of stickers!


I believe a great teacher has a friendly and humerous personality, can create meaningful group and individual assignments, ability to help all students learn and reach there maximum potential. All these are necessary to help students learn a lot. When teachers have a friendly and humerous personality it helps make the learning process fun and enjoyable to most students. Also, I find that by doing these things, students are more inclined to pay attention in class, and are anxious to volunteer to answer questions. The more engaged and active students are the better listener and learners they will become! It is important to create meaningful group and individual assignment that not only forces students to think critically about topics, but also introduce new information. Teachers use individual assignments along with test and quizes to gauge how well students comprend material. I believe group assignments teach teamwork. Teachers main objective should be to help students learn as much as possible, by motivating them to achieve there personal best. Students spend a large portion of their life being educated by teacher. Therefore, educators can have a profound effect on shaping views and teaching students subject matter and relating it to current topics and issues.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

The art of being an effective substitute teacher consist of several characteristics: classroom management, multi-tasking. If an individual doesn't display all these qualities while they are the guest teacher, the classroom and the entire day can become an diaster! I will explain the importance of each characteristics and how it helps the classroom run smoothly and safely. Being the guest teacher you have to be firm, but yet fair to all the students to create an environment that allows learning to occurr.
CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: You are responsible for the introducing and explaining of various topics ranging from how to write paragraphs or solving algebraic expressions, it all depends on the lesson plans left by the teacher. During certain times you may have to address/ and handle behavior issues immediately.
MULIT-TASKING: If you become frustrated when you have to do several things at one time, then I would not recommend teaching as a profession. You have to be able to organize and adjust your schedule, based on your students needs. To be effective you need to be able to teach lessons, handle children that are off task and not focused, clarify and explain directions or questions.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

I was completely in shock to hear what happened to former NY Giants star Plaxico Burress. I was disappointed to hear that he had made a bad decision. This decision, like Mike Vick, will forever tarnish his image. Instead of caring a .40 caliber-Glock gun, he could have hired several individuals for personal security, and if an situation occurred in the night club, they could of handled it for him! His decision to carry an illegal weapon, could of landed him an sentence of 3 1/2 to 15 years in jail, but could be released two months early for good behavior. He will be sentenced September 22. The situation of him could of been avoided, if he had not brought an firearm to the Manhattan club "The Latin Quarter". Burress accidental shot himself in the right thigh, as he was walking up the steps to the VIP lounge. The gun, which was tucked into his pants begun to slide down his legs as he walked. As Plaxico tired to grab the gun, he pulled the trigger shooting himself. A witness reported he saw a bloody pistol fall out his pant leg and land on the floor before Burress said "Take me to the hospital"! I am sure as his sentencing date becomes closer he wishes he could rewind time and make a better, and more sound decision. Unfortunately, he can't, he has to take responsibility for his actions. Burress interviewed with Adam Schaap, he appeared to be very sincere and regretful about his poor choices. Schaap asked him was he ready to be sent to prison, "... as a person---nobody wants to go to prison." Burress told Schaap. Plaxico stated, "Like I said, I got myself into a situation and you know, I gotta deal with the consequences for it." Unlike Vick, as soon as Burress is released from prison he will be eligible to sign with any team. His suspension from the NFL will be concurrent with his prison sentence. Plaxico Burress was used as an example in New York, but most are familiar with gun laws in the city.

M. Vick deserves another chance from an NFL team to prove he still belongs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'll be willing to bet that Mike Vick never thought his numerous bad decisions would result in a steep fall from the high pedestal, he used to occupy! Vick was once the highest-paid player in the league. Michael "Dwayne" Vick is a professional American football quarterback who played with the Atlanta Falcons for six seasons, until he was convicted and sent to prison at Leavenworth, Kansas for his involvement in an illegal dog fighting (Bad Newz Kennels).

It appears that Vick has emerged stronger from the time spent in prison. Atlanta Falcons owner, Arther Blank, who signed Vick to a 10 Year, 130 Million dollar contract (including a 37 million signing bonus) in 2004, had been communicating through letters, while Vick was in prison. The quarterback has written that he spent is time playing a lot of football and working making 12 cents an hour washing pots and pans. Vick played quarterback for both teams while in prison. Although he was locked up, he still played a recreational style football, which was beneficial to him. Yeah I know the competition was no comparison to the NFL! LOL

However, it still kept him active and thinking about various aspects of football. Blank told the New York Daily News, "He talks about the process he is going through and what he has learned, the lessons of life, how he's going to come out a different person. He's sorry he has affected so many people in negative way-the league, our club,our fans. He feels awful about that. The letters sound quite sincere to me. From a mental standpoint he sounds good." I believe this experience has made him more well rounded individual.

Perhaps in the future, he will think twice about dogfighting-(Dumb Decision)- it has altered his career and image forever. Not only was prison punishment, he was suspended from the NFL indefinitely and lost his contract with Nike. Mike Vick is known as a repeat Pro Bowler and for being a wild and reckless quarterback. He's also known for signing one of the largest contracts in sports history, surpassing Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb's lucrative earnings. Also known as allegedly having herpes, for giving obscene gesture to fans after losing a game to the Saints in 2006, and maybe (the) most damaging, for operating Bad Newz Kennels-a dog fighting organization.

Vick went from being considered a fantastic, future hall-a-fame quarterback, to serving 23 months in prison! Now he searches for an NFL team to sign with. So far the owners of the New York Giants/Jets, Dallas Cowboys, and Atlanta Falcons have no interest in the 29 yr old QB. Talk about taking things for granted! LOL. This messy situation occured because of his huge ego. He believed because he was a "Huge Celebrity/NFL Superstar" he could follow rules and regulation at his own discretion. Mike Vick you thought wrong.

Although Vick accomplished numerous awards in the NFL, his records and image will be forever tarnished, no matter what he does. Vick has already taken steps to rebuild his image. He met with the president of the Humane Society of the United States while serving his federal sentence.
Recently, Vick has been conditionally reinstated to the NFL, he will be forced to sit out until week 6 of the regular season at the latest. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated only action will matter. Words will be meaningless in regards to the rehabilitation and resurrection of Vick's career.

Only time and wisdom of his own decisions stand between him and the complete restoration he seeks. Vick has done his time, lost his money and been publicly disgraced. His name has been stained by the admission that he tortured and killed dogs. Vick's actions were repulsive and worthy of strong punishment. I believe Vick was punished to severely. there seems to be a push to make an example out of him. Let this man earn a living and take care of his family! America is suppose to be the country known for giving "second chances" to it citizens. Hopefully, a team will give Mike Vick another chance to play professional football in the NFL.

Family Matters Pt.2

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


All children need rules and regulations as they grow up. Hopefully, the older they become the more responsible they are. Without discipline children will lack structure. This teaches children if you don't follow rules you will be punished. Children must realize, from an early age, that good behavior is not rewarded with praise or gifts. Good behavior is what is expected in all situations. What type of parents did you have? Could you go anywhere and stay out as long as you choose? Or were you similar to me did your parents give you limitations on how far you could ride your bike? To make matters worse, in the summer evening as a child I had to be at home when the "Street Lights" came on. Anybody else remember hearing that from family? OMG! I HATED HEARING THAT! As a child I wished I had parents that let me do exactly what I choose to do. My sentiment as an adult has changed. I realized I was being shielded and protected from inappropriate and illegal activities that persist at an even higher rate throughout the summer nights. Those children who had tons of freedom sometime made poor decisions. Oftentimes, the opportunity to hang out with the wrong individuals was countless.


Can your relationship work well if you all are opposities with regards to money management skills?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

In your relationship who is the spender and whose the saver? Well, I definitely fall into the category of a SAVER! I don't spend money on non-essential items. It is a rare occasion if I decide to splurge on buying stuff. After paying monthly bills I put the rest of my money up for a rainy day. During these economic time its very important to have as much "rainy day" funds as possible. My main goal is to be conservative with my income. I guess I owe my grandfather for my current train of thought.

My significant other and my relationship works out alright, because my "saver" mentality off sets her "spending" mentality. Although, I can't completely change my girls spending behavior, but by her being around me she has become more frugal. Maybe if I continue to preach about our best options of managing money it will curb even more her desires to splurge on unnecessary items.

How to keep your man's attention?

Does your man look at you from top to bottom when you walk? Ladies please tell me the answer is yes. I love to see a women walk with confidence,grace, and her ability to "strut on the cat walk". Ladies you have to change your approach and become more spontaneous. Also be ready and willing to maybe agree to do a few things he wants. Hopefully, all the special, and additional attention from you motivates your man to go above and beyond to put a huge smile on your face constantly! Here are a few ways to have his eyes glued on you.
  • Cook his favorite meals whenever you have a chance to.
  • Call your man, while he's at work and tell him you got a surprise for him when he arrives home from work.
  • Be involved(but please don't ask to many questions) with one of his favorite activities.
  • Do a mini-makeover, where you go buy a new outfit, Find a new hairstyle that both you and he will love and admire looking at. Don't forget to have your nails painted and polished. Yes a women should always or at least try to keep their nails done. That then gives her the complete look.
  • Exercise regularly and eat healthier for several weeks then find something in your wardrobe that shows off all your hard work.
  • Leave a note inside his car telling him to meet you somewhere that's not the norm.
  • Dress to impress. put on those outfits that make you feel confident and sexy. trust me he will notice; even if he hasn't mentioned it.

As a parent are you giving your child the best chance to suceed in a society that is constanly shifting to more advanced technological process?

After your child graduates from high school will you be able to "Honestly" say you did everything within your power to prepare them to be competitively and have an opportunity to succeed in society. Yes it is true, there are no guarantees in life!The process of grooming your children begins early as possible. Have you done anything to motivate your children to participate in various sports. One of the many topics they learn about is the importance of teamwork in each of these sports. Maybe some of the lessons they learn they will remember and put to good use. Just because your child is involved in sports is not the answer to preparing your child for a productive, successful life after completing high school.

There is a lot more to the equation than just sports. Spending quality time developing their intellect. Doing things together as a family will make it more fun and even more so more beneficial to helping your child learn new information. Libraries contain all types of information to assist your child as well as Flashcards, Computer Programs, and even workshops for all ages. The essential aspect is for them to learn new information.The more exposure the better and of course within reason people! Not going to work my child to death! LOL

The reason I discussed the importance of sports and other learning opportunities is that it teaches skills and invaluable lessons that will serve them well years down the road in college, and during your career path you will have to understand the definition of teamwork. Then there will be situations where you will put your knowledge and practical experience to use. Remember, some of those lessons from baseball in the 5th grade? By equipping your child with the "Right Educational Tools" they will be able to rise to the occasion.

Family Matters

Monday, July 27, 2009

The importance of family to me is significant. The role of my family played in shaping me into a man with integrity,morals,ambitious, and goals was tremendous. Today I owe many thanks and other forms of gratitude to show my appreciation to them. I believe the 4 things all parents should instill in their children is Discipline,love,resilience, and faith. I will touch on these topics in due time.

Introducing myself...

There are many topics I will discuss such as: substitute teaching, family, relationships, graduate school, business ventures, health, politics, college and professional sports. These are all important issues to me. I will express my perspective and insight on those issues.

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