How to keep your man's attention?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Does your man look at you from top to bottom when you walk? Ladies please tell me the answer is yes. I love to see a women walk with confidence,grace, and her ability to "strut on the cat walk". Ladies you have to change your approach and become more spontaneous. Also be ready and willing to maybe agree to do a few things he wants. Hopefully, all the special, and additional attention from you motivates your man to go above and beyond to put a huge smile on your face constantly! Here are a few ways to have his eyes glued on you.
  • Cook his favorite meals whenever you have a chance to.
  • Call your man, while he's at work and tell him you got a surprise for him when he arrives home from work.
  • Be involved(but please don't ask to many questions) with one of his favorite activities.
  • Do a mini-makeover, where you go buy a new outfit, Find a new hairstyle that both you and he will love and admire looking at. Don't forget to have your nails painted and polished. Yes a women should always or at least try to keep their nails done. That then gives her the complete look.
  • Exercise regularly and eat healthier for several weeks then find something in your wardrobe that shows off all your hard work.
  • Leave a note inside his car telling him to meet you somewhere that's not the norm.
  • Dress to impress. put on those outfits that make you feel confident and sexy. trust me he will notice; even if he hasn't mentioned it.


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