Can your relationship work well if you all are opposities with regards to money management skills?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

In your relationship who is the spender and whose the saver? Well, I definitely fall into the category of a SAVER! I don't spend money on non-essential items. It is a rare occasion if I decide to splurge on buying stuff. After paying monthly bills I put the rest of my money up for a rainy day. During these economic time its very important to have as much "rainy day" funds as possible. My main goal is to be conservative with my income. I guess I owe my grandfather for my current train of thought.

My significant other and my relationship works out alright, because my "saver" mentality off sets her "spending" mentality. Although, I can't completely change my girls spending behavior, but by her being around me she has become more frugal. Maybe if I continue to preach about our best options of managing money it will curb even more her desires to splurge on unnecessary items.


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