Thursday, September 3, 2009

I was completely in shock to hear what happened to former NY Giants star Plaxico Burress. I was disappointed to hear that he had made a bad decision. This decision, like Mike Vick, will forever tarnish his image. Instead of caring a .40 caliber-Glock gun, he could have hired several individuals for personal security, and if an situation occurred in the night club, they could of handled it for him! His decision to carry an illegal weapon, could of landed him an sentence of 3 1/2 to 15 years in jail, but could be released two months early for good behavior. He will be sentenced September 22. The situation of him could of been avoided, if he had not brought an firearm to the Manhattan club "The Latin Quarter". Burress accidental shot himself in the right thigh, as he was walking up the steps to the VIP lounge. The gun, which was tucked into his pants begun to slide down his legs as he walked. As Plaxico tired to grab the gun, he pulled the trigger shooting himself. A witness reported he saw a bloody pistol fall out his pant leg and land on the floor before Burress said "Take me to the hospital"! I am sure as his sentencing date becomes closer he wishes he could rewind time and make a better, and more sound decision. Unfortunately, he can't, he has to take responsibility for his actions. Burress interviewed with Adam Schaap, he appeared to be very sincere and regretful about his poor choices. Schaap asked him was he ready to be sent to prison, "... as a person---nobody wants to go to prison." Burress told Schaap. Plaxico stated, "Like I said, I got myself into a situation and you know, I gotta deal with the consequences for it." Unlike Vick, as soon as Burress is released from prison he will be eligible to sign with any team. His suspension from the NFL will be concurrent with his prison sentence. Plaxico Burress was used as an example in New York, but most are familiar with gun laws in the city.


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Sad to see how one mistake can cost a person so much

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