M. Vick deserves another chance from an NFL team to prove he still belongs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'll be willing to bet that Mike Vick never thought his numerous bad decisions would result in a steep fall from the high pedestal, he used to occupy! Vick was once the highest-paid player in the league. Michael "Dwayne" Vick is a professional American football quarterback who played with the Atlanta Falcons for six seasons, until he was convicted and sent to prison at Leavenworth, Kansas for his involvement in an illegal dog fighting (Bad Newz Kennels).

It appears that Vick has emerged stronger from the time spent in prison. Atlanta Falcons owner, Arther Blank, who signed Vick to a 10 Year, 130 Million dollar contract (including a 37 million signing bonus) in 2004, had been communicating through letters, while Vick was in prison. The quarterback has written that he spent is time playing a lot of football and working making 12 cents an hour washing pots and pans. Vick played quarterback for both teams while in prison. Although he was locked up, he still played a recreational style football, which was beneficial to him. Yeah I know the competition was no comparison to the NFL! LOL

However, it still kept him active and thinking about various aspects of football. Blank told the New York Daily News, "He talks about the process he is going through and what he has learned, the lessons of life, how he's going to come out a different person. He's sorry he has affected so many people in negative way-the league, our club,our fans. He feels awful about that. The letters sound quite sincere to me. From a mental standpoint he sounds good." I believe this experience has made him more well rounded individual.

Perhaps in the future, he will think twice about dogfighting-(Dumb Decision)- it has altered his career and image forever. Not only was prison punishment, he was suspended from the NFL indefinitely and lost his contract with Nike. Mike Vick is known as a repeat Pro Bowler and for being a wild and reckless quarterback. He's also known for signing one of the largest contracts in sports history, surpassing Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb's lucrative earnings. Also known as allegedly having herpes, for giving obscene gesture to fans after losing a game to the Saints in 2006, and maybe (the) most damaging, for operating Bad Newz Kennels-a dog fighting organization.

Vick went from being considered a fantastic, future hall-a-fame quarterback, to serving 23 months in prison! Now he searches for an NFL team to sign with. So far the owners of the New York Giants/Jets, Dallas Cowboys, and Atlanta Falcons have no interest in the 29 yr old QB. Talk about taking things for granted! LOL. This messy situation occured because of his huge ego. He believed because he was a "Huge Celebrity/NFL Superstar" he could follow rules and regulation at his own discretion. Mike Vick you thought wrong.

Although Vick accomplished numerous awards in the NFL, his records and image will be forever tarnished, no matter what he does. Vick has already taken steps to rebuild his image. He met with the president of the Humane Society of the United States while serving his federal sentence.
Recently, Vick has been conditionally reinstated to the NFL, he will be forced to sit out until week 6 of the regular season at the latest. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated only action will matter. Words will be meaningless in regards to the rehabilitation and resurrection of Vick's career.

Only time and wisdom of his own decisions stand between him and the complete restoration he seeks. Vick has done his time, lost his money and been publicly disgraced. His name has been stained by the admission that he tortured and killed dogs. Vick's actions were repulsive and worthy of strong punishment. I believe Vick was punished to severely. there seems to be a push to make an example out of him. Let this man earn a living and take care of his family! America is suppose to be the country known for giving "second chances" to it citizens. Hopefully, a team will give Mike Vick another chance to play professional football in the NFL.


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Bobby said...

Another chance? Why? Because he can play football? There are many young men that play just as well. Men with character. Honest men.

He is no better than OJ Simpson; to give Vick another chance is to condone his unscrupulous, mean-spirited and vicious behavior.

Oh. Wait. Those are prerequisites for NFL contracts! How silly of me. :]

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