Family Matters Pt.2

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


All children need rules and regulations as they grow up. Hopefully, the older they become the more responsible they are. Without discipline children will lack structure. This teaches children if you don't follow rules you will be punished. Children must realize, from an early age, that good behavior is not rewarded with praise or gifts. Good behavior is what is expected in all situations. What type of parents did you have? Could you go anywhere and stay out as long as you choose? Or were you similar to me did your parents give you limitations on how far you could ride your bike? To make matters worse, in the summer evening as a child I had to be at home when the "Street Lights" came on. Anybody else remember hearing that from family? OMG! I HATED HEARING THAT! As a child I wished I had parents that let me do exactly what I choose to do. My sentiment as an adult has changed. I realized I was being shielded and protected from inappropriate and illegal activities that persist at an even higher rate throughout the summer nights. Those children who had tons of freedom sometime made poor decisions. Oftentimes, the opportunity to hang out with the wrong individuals was countless.



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